Sons of Dogs

Sons of Dogs are a collaboration between members of Bones Shake, Death Vignettes and Hard Luck Child. Sons Of Dogs – Pool Of Blood

Old Hands

One man, one guitar, one bass drum. OldHands -little red rooster  
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Death Vignettes

As an old-fashioned blues rock guitar/drums duo, Death Vignettes know where the volume control is and aren’t afraid to crank it up to 11. They are angry and passionate in sentiment; filthily reverberating and unrem...

Bones Shake

A scuzzed fuzzed blues three piece from Manchester. They play everything into the red; violent bottle neck blues riffs, drums kicked, pounded and twatted and squeals of reverb drenched vocals all combine to help save you...
Blkack Ribbons

Black Ribbons

Out of the ashes from burnt rags and bones came psych rock 4 piece Black Ribbons. With swirling reverb drenched guitars over haunting melodies Black Ribbons delve into the dark and light and talk of the come up and comed...